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In a previous article, I discussed onboarding Stripe connect users in your iOS platform with Firebase Cloud Functions/Auth(Node.JS). If you wanna learn more about that check it out here!

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If you don’t know, Stripe is a powerful payment processing platform that allows developers to create complex payment flows with minimal legal/development overhead.

Connect gives you a lot of control over how you route payments. There are three basic models for routing funds in your Connect marketplace. …

Pulling Storefront items @ Megan_Rexazin

The Shopify Mobile Buy SDK makes it super easy to create stunning storefronts in your mobile apps, with seamless payments through Apple Pay and Credit Cards. This SDK communicates with the Shopify Platform through GraphQL. Today, we are gonna leverage this powerful tool to pull Available Items from your Shopify Store. This is written with the assumption that you have some knowledge of installing dependencies to your iOS project.

GraphQL is an open-source query language designed by Facebook internally in 2012. A query language is designed for the retrieval and possible modification of data in a database. …

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I am a freelance iOS developer and technology consultant for small businesses and startups. In the 3 years I have been working freelance, I have gotten burnt over and over and most of the time, it was my fault.

One very common problem that many freelancers face, is that they never escape work. Whether it’s 3am on a Friday night, or its midday Sunday on vacation, someone always feels the need to reach out to you. Some might think that you are obligated to be there for them, and obligated to bend over backwards to satisfy. However, this mindset will…

For this short demo, I am assuming you have initialized/implemented Stripe, and Firebase Cloud Functions in your project. If you are having trouble, I’ll attach some resources at the bottom!

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The Stripe SDK/API is one of the most highly regarded and developer-centric tools out there. There is a ⛵️ load of resources and documentation on the rest of the internet) to try and help you navigate their massive array of services. However, I found that for the beginner iOS Developer, it could be a lot to take in. One area that is hard to figure out is onboarding custom…

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